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I ❤️ NY


Last day as a New Yorker for a while. Twenty-one years (21!), 4 apartments, 4 jobs, 2 businesses, 5 brands, 1 graduate degree, 9/11, the 2003 Blackout, a global financial crisis, Super Storm Sandy, COVID-19 and countless people along the way who made it more interesting. What a ride. 

Where to next? Honolulu, Hawaii, that's where. Thank you Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts for naming me "Artist-in-Residence" and I can't wait to join the creative community at Chinatown Artist Lofts. Follow @theebwrap, @eknybikinis and @elizabethkosich on Instagram for pretty pictures from paradise and to join the adventure! 

Thank you for everything, New York City. I ❤️ you.

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