The EveryBody Wrap®


Wraptopia, Vol. 18

For decades the fashion industry's "universal" sizing standards have become so distorted that they're virtually meaningless anymore. Case in point, a woman's size 12 in 1958 now equates to a modern day 6*. Moreover, those small little numbers—or letters—are loaded with stigmas that creep into a woman's psyche and have the power to define her self-worth. For many, sizing weighs heavily, is haunting and makes shopping a painful experience.

This is why I developed a Shame-Free Sizing System for The EveryBody Wrap®—so women don't feel judged by traditional sizing constructs, or by themselves. Here it's 3 easy sizes—0, 1, 2—that fit every body shape. size and age. No judgement, no stigmas and never any shame. 

I'm here to lift minds, bodies and spirits, and am forever devoted to a woman's journey to self-acceptance and self-love. 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

*Source: Time Inc. 

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