The EveryBody Wrap®

Homage to Didot

Wraptopia, Vol. 2

A logo should represent a company's purpose, its raison d'être. If you're lucky, it also tells its story. This one does both.

Designed in 1991, Didot font was created for Harper's Bazaar's famed reinvention led by Liz Tilberis and Fabien Baron. They wanted a modern typeface that was fashionable, durable and versatile, yet able to work in a range of sizes and weights (sound familiar?). It also needed to be timeless, elegant and elevate the brand to new heights (ring a bell?). Hoefler&Co. said "Challenge accepted!" and, to this day, Didot typeface is still credited for being part of "one of the most dramatic magazine reinventions in history". 

This logo's thin hairlines, thick strokes and undulating curves represent shape diversity, size inclusion and body positivity to us—our raison d'être. Didot's genesis echoes our own origin story, making it no coincidence we share the same qualities—high style, durability, versatility, inclusivity, timelessness, elegance, higher potential, reinvention. 

Our logo not only represents all women, it celebrates them. That's what we do. We celebrate women. Everything we do is for you, and every breath we take has this same level of thoughtfulness. That you can count on. 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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