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The Red Dress Effect

Wraptopia, Vol. 23

The color red implies romance, passion and sex so much so that it's a proven aphrodisiac. 

In the earliest tribal rituals known to anthropologists, red ochre was used as face and body paint to announce fertility. In ancient mythology red is associated with lust and in literature it often signifies sexuality, "A Scarlet Letter" being the most famous example. Shakespeare used red to indicate strong, bold emotions and Alice Munro's "Red Dress" chronicles a young girl's coming of age story. Moreover, the symbolic red dress has telegraphed passion and sex repeatedly on stage and film—think "Gone with the Wind", "Moulin Rouge" and "Pretty Woman". Official scientific terms include "Red Dress Effect" (link to Wikipedia page here!) and "Red-Sex Link"*.

In the most comprehensive color psychology study on red, scientists conducted 5 experiments where 5 out of 5 yielded the same result—the subjects wearing red were deemed more attractive, confirming 100% of the time red increases physical attractiveness and sexual desirability.*

Something to keep in mind for your next date night. 💋

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

*Source: Elliot and Niesta Experiments, University of Rochester 2007

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