The EveryBody Wrap®

True Red, Part 1

Wraptopia, Vol. 26

Of the three primary colors, red is the only neutral. On the color wheel it lives between the other two—blue (cool) and yellow (warm)—and, in its purest form, contains neither. Add blue to red and it suddenly skews cool ("Apple"), or add yellow and it becomes warm orangey-red ("Scarlet"). There are over 100 different variants of red but smack dab in the middle of the spectrum is the sweet spot—a perfectly pure, balanced and neutral true red.

True red is surprisingly rare in fashion. Most reds lean blue or yellow which limits their versatility and, even worse, excludes those with incompatible undertones (50% of people!). Warm reds ("Candy") are too bright for the fair-skinned, muted reds ("Brick") too drab for clear complexions, deep red ("Garnet") too serious for daytime, bright reds ("Rose") too harsh under direct sunlight. And so on and so forth, and so on, and so on. 

Since true red is so elusive, we custom made it for you. It took over a year to master but because The EveryBody Wrap® preaches inclusivity and practices a "one-and-done" ethos, precision mattered. Our red is perfectly balanced with 0% blue and 0% yellow, making it 100% flattering, 100% versatile and 100% inclusive. 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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