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Calder Red

Wraptopia, Vol. 28

Born to artist parents, Alexander Calder was encouraged to create from birth. Showing immense talent from an early age, he made his first kinetic sculpture at 11 then dabbled in illustration and wire sculpture into young adulthood. A visit to friend Piet Mondrian's studio in 1930 awakened him to abstract art, crystalizing his artistic medium—environmental installations. From there Calder pioneered mobile and stabile art forms, revolutionizing modern art and sculpture in America. 

Mastering balance—literally and figuratively—was Calder's superpower and he used color, shape and form to create unprecedented works that contrast yet harmonize at once. His restrained color palette—black, white and primary colors—purposely keeps the viewer awestruck on space, movement and three-dimensional symmetry. 

He is most known for monumental public sculptures and bold use of red—specifically, his custom "Calder Red" mixed by Keeler & Long Company. Calder's imposing "Flamingo" (1974, Chicago) stands fifty-three feet high, weighs 50 tons and is painted "Calder Red"—his signature bright, warm and arresting vermillion hue.

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
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