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Wraptopia, Vol. 30

Pablo Picasso loved red so much he dedicated an entire career chapter to it. Famously called the "Rose Period", it followed the more famous "Blue Period" known for misery, poverty and pain. As he lifted out of depression, so did his color palette—ergo, the Rose Period. 

Model and muse Fernande Olivier is credited for inspiring Picasso's artistic transition from blue to red. Cheerful, vivid hues of red, pink, orange and earth tones dominated Picasso's Rose Period and his themes became lighthearted too—harlequins, clowns and circus performers. The optimistic colors and scenes represent a time of increased personal joy and romance for the artist, proving the color red evokes passion and symbolized love—and that love heals. 

Of Picasso's five highest selling paintings, two are from the Rose Period—further proof of red's magical powers of attraction. 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
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