The EveryBody Wrap®

Wrap Your Shape

Wraptopia, Vol. 7

I see women as shapes—not sizes—which is what inspired me to develop a smart dressing system that showcases a woman's best shape. The EveryBody Wrap®'s 4 archetype body shapes—CURVY, BUSTY, BOOTY, STRAIGHT—help customers discover their optimal silhouette by maximizing the best and minimizing the rest.

Looking good is backed by a proven science and, when its rules are applied, the results are astounding. Accentuating attributes and camouflaging weaknesses are key, and our 4 body shapes are here to help:

CURVY — Same hip and shoulder width with defined waist
BUSTY — Waist, torso or shoulders wider than hips
BOOTY — Hips wider than shoulders
STRAIGHT — Same hip and shoulder width without defined waist

Not sure how to wrap? Don't worry, each EveryBody Wrap® purchase comes with a pop-up hang tag to guide you step-by-step, and virtual demos can be found here. Wrap, rewrap, repeat! 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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