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The 10 Best Plus Size Swimwear Brands That Are Top Quality, Stylists Say

by Dana Schulz for BestLife

Women of all shapes, sizes and ages may find beach season stressful. It can feel like our bodies are under a microscope when we venture out in a bathing suit, and the images we see in the media of size zero, itty-bitty bikinis certainly don't help. But the truth is that research has shown that 68 percent of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above — which makes it all the more frustrating that finding size-inclusive swimsuits is so difficult. That's why we asked stylists and fashion experts to share the best plus-size swimwear brands. 

"The category has exploded in recent years thanks to innovative materials, machinery, designs, and collaborations," Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells BestLife. "Plus the shopping experience has dramatically improved with online retailers offering an industry game changer — buy-and-try at home, not in-store where bad mirrors plus bad lighting equal a bad experience. The end result is more customer satisfaction across the board, but especially for the plus size shopper."

So, which brands offer the best top-quality plus-size swimsuits? Keep reading to hear from Kosich and other stylists about their top picks. 

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This is Kosich's personal brand, which she launched after observing a void in the market "for clothing that promoted body-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-love," she previously told BestLife

The brand sells just two items — a $169 dress and a $139 swimsuit — both of which are three-sizes-that-fit-all and come in three colors. Kosich says this model "advocates body positivity, size inclusion, shape diversity, and conscious consuming."
The swimsuit has extra-long bodice straps that wrap around the body several times, so you can adjust how much coverage you'd like. "The possibilities are infinite — halter straps, plunging-V, Kimono sleeves, ruching, one-shoulder, crisscross, cutouts, and more," Kosich explains. 

She also shares that the swimsuits are made of breathable, lightweight, quick-drying compression fabric that has Lycra® super stretch support and offers UV ray protection. 

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