The EveryBody Wrap®

I ❤️ BestLife

Wraptopia, Vol. 38

Entrepreneurship is an uphill battle. I have fought so hard to maintain top-quality for The EveryBody Wrap® since Day 1—materials, design, fit, craftsmanship—which hasn't been easy. Being picky, exacting and meticulous is unpopular in a world that values speed, but it's what I have chosen. The intent is to deliver on my brand promise with a superior product that improves quality of life. 

It feels good when hard work pays off. Thank you BestLife for naming The EveryBody Wrap® one of its "10 Best Plus Size Swimwear Brands That Are Top Quality" for summer 2023. It means so much to me!

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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