The EveryBody Wrap®


Wraptopia, Vol. 20

Every pivotal career moment seems to have a redhead involved—my first fashion model and muse, first photographer for brand Elizabeth Kosich New York, first photographer for brand The EveryBody Wrap®, first major press placement, first feature in a motion picture and countless gingers along the way who magically appeared at banner moments big and small. Part secret weapon, part lucky charm, they've become the good omen I watch for to be reassured all is right in my world.

Oh, The Mighty Redhead. Determined, uncompromising, fierce. She strikes again at yet another pivotal career moment with her fiery spirit and auspicious energy. Delivered from the heavens, my own private harbinger signaling good things to come. #watchthisspace

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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