The EveryBody Wrap®

The Power of Red

Wraptopia, Vol. 21

Hello, Valentine. ❤️

I founded The EveryBody Wrap® with one simple mission: To help women love and accept themselves just as they are. This commitment has become its own labor of love—a devotion to giving my customer more, so she can love herself more. And so I am. When better than Valentine's Day to announce The EveryBody Wrap®'s first color—RED!

The power of red is real. It sways behavior more than any other primary color and is scientifically proven to increase heart rates. Red also elevates confidence and self-esteem, evokes courage and strength, and stirs romance and sex. Its social and cultural meanings span far and wide too—from prosperity, fertility and good luck in the East to power, passion and prestige in the West. Most importantly, red symbolizes love—romantic love, enduring love, self-love. 

I spent over a year developing a special red unique to The EveryBody Wrap®—not too yellow, not too blue—to ensure a universally flattering hue for all skin tones. A confidence-boosting true red, it is honest, vibrant and cheerful, yet deeply saturated to make hearts skip a beat. You will love it, and love yourself in it even more.
Welcome, RED, to The EveryBody Wrap® Core Collection!

With love,
Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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