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Bill Blass Red

Wraptopia, Vol. 22

Born in Indiana to the son of a dressmaker, Bill Blass remembered his school book margins being covered in doodles of Hollywood-inspired fashion. At fifteen he sold his first dress and by 17 he was attending the McDowell School of Fashion in New York City. After a tour in WW II he landed at Anne Klein, then Anna Miller, then launched his own label in 1970. 

Known for bringing masculine tailoring and fabrics to women's clothing, Blass revolutionized modern style with impeccable, understated design. His classic style and clean, modern cuts made him a favorite with New York socialites and fashion insiders like Brooke Astor, Gloria Vanderbilt and Diana Vreeland. A savvy businessman and pioneer in licensing, he grew his empire to 97 licenses by the mid-90s. Reputed to be the hardest working man on Seventh Avenue, Blass is one of 28 distinguished designers featured on its Fashion Walk of Fame. He was a legend and American treasure. 

Blass loved the color red and understood its power so much so he named a fragrance after it—Bill Blass Red. Red was one of his hallmarks, he designed in it frequently and encouraged his clientele to wear it often—at least, most certainly, whenever in doubt. 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
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