The EveryBody Wrap®

Founder's Promise

Wraptopia, Vol. 3

If you want to see women experience their greatest fear, be a swimwear designer. I should know—I've been designing barely-there bikinis since 2008 and, despite eight Sports Illustrated Swimsuit features and other press wins, felt something was missing. Watching countless women measure themselves against impossible standards (spoiler alert: even Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models need Photoshop) made me want to create clothing that builds strength, courage and confidence from the inside out. Four years and over 100 prototypes later, I launched The EveryBody Wrap®.

It's a woman's birthright to feel beautiful, which is the spirit behind The EveryBody Wrap®. The carefully crafted design not only flatters every shape, it customizes to every woman's BEST shape. The high-performance, super-stretch technical fabrics deliver on every level—hold, lift, sculpt, staying power, emotional support and even UV ray protection. And its versatility is the ultimate in freedom, empowering women to self-express, reinvent, simplify and consume consciously by buying less and better. One and done.

I invented The EveryBody Wrap® for you. It's here to help you look and feel your best, so you can be your best. That is my promise, and I stand by it forever. 

Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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