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Guts & Grit

Wraptopia, Vol. 4

The best part of being an entrepreneur is making something out of nothing. To start with an idea and—through hard work, guts and grit—take that idea from inside of you, and put it outside of you. That's the moment dreams are put into play and this was mine. 

At the time I had an all-consuming CMO job in real estate so dedicated nights, weekends, vacations and holidays to entrepreneurship. Fully committed to The EveryBody Wrap®'s brand promise, I was also juggling grad school at FIT to become and accredited body shape expert. January 2nd was the only possible date for a website shoot and—lucky for me—the most badass team imaginable mobilized to support me, my vision and the body positive movement when they could have instead stayed home with loved ones. 

To the talent who gave me your all that day—thank you, and I am forever grateful. This was the beginning of the beginning and my exhilaration says it all—nothing beats putting a dream into play.

Thanks for following,
Elizabeth Kosich, Founder
The EveryBody Wrap®

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